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A few people have been kind enough to say a few nice words about Chris Skinner, including:

"Thanks ever so much for your excellent kick-off of this year’s Management Conference. The feedback for the attendees was uniformly very positive. Your remarks exceeded our goal of 'telling them something they didn’t know'. Come back and see us again!"
John P. Biestman, Director, Federal Home Loan Bank of Seattle, USA

"You were the most highly rated speaker (as always!)."
Katie Gwyn-Williams, Head of Banking and Capital Markets, IBC Global Conferences

“The Bloomberg TV team is very grateful to have had, such an insightful guest in such critical times.”
Marta Marino, Interviews, EMEA, Bloomberg Television

"I first met Chris when we asked him to help us with our social media platform: We needed someone who's knowledge, enthusiasm and creative approach would motivate the financial community into participating more. Chris was a perfect fit. His series of blog posts proved again and again that he is a guy with a real passion for improving financial services, with an inventive approach who can be relied on to deliver. Chris' expertise come from a genuine interest and concern for the industry I don't think he distinguishes between work and play: which of course is the ideal state - for him and anyone who chooses to work with him."
Andrew Carrier, Head of Marketing Communications SWIFT, Europe

“Over the many years we have worked with Chris Skinner, we have found him to have both a multi-dimensional understanding of the financial services business, as well as unique insights into what the future holds for our industry. Most of all, he is uniquely skilled in articulately painting a clear picture of the dynamics impacting our future to help other financial services executives see what's ahead for them.”
Deborah L. Bianucci, President & Chief Executive Officer, BAI, USA

“Chris is perhaps the first writer I know who successfully captures the pulse of the financial services industry not from a European or American, but from a truly global perspective.”
Emmanuel Daniel, Founder, The Asian Banker, Asia

“Chris has always impressed me with his forward-looking perspectives on the global catalysts for change in the highly-commoditized retail banking industry. Chris can always be counted on to provide a controversial, yet highly-relevant dialogue on potential sources of future disruption.”
Steven D. Audino, First Vice President, Washington Mutual, USA

“Chris has that rare ability to truly understand the social and business context as well as the potential technology solutions. In the finance sector this is absolutely essential, but sadly lacking in so many of Chris's peer group.”
Ian McDonald Wood, Trustee, The Strategic Planning Society, Europe

“Just about everyone in financial services talks about globalisation. Chris Skinner is actively helping it happen. Moving back and forth across oceans he spreads best practices and the latest thinking about technology in finance from Europe to North America, to AsiaPac and the Middle East. Sharp insights, an amusing manner, and a keen eye for the way new consumer technology might impact finance, he is consistently thought-provoking.”
Tom Groenfeldt, Editor,, USA

"Over the past 2 years, I’ve read several books on banking as a part of my role as contributing editor where I review the latest books on banking and banking technology. First of all, your book is very well written. Banking and technology are topics that can at times can be a bit dry, to say the least, while your writing style is very engaging plus the points you’ve discussed are very relevant and very current, which makes it all the more interesting. Your book fills a critical gap in the market."
Rekha Menon, Editor and Journalist, Europe

"Thanks again for Chris Skinner’s keynote address at our conference. I’m just reviewing the evaluations and he was certainly a hit. Comments included: ‘Chris Skinner – WOW’; ‘Chris Skinner – you saved the best to the last’; ‘Chris was an excellent speaker and very thought provoking’; ‘Chris’ presentation was exceptional’.”
Anne Marie MacNeil, SaskCentral, Canada

Obviously we left out the bad comments!
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