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When choosing a company name, I first of all looked to the past.
After all, the future is created out of the past.
And I found the word 'Balatro'.

Balatro is the Latin word for 'Jester'.
That sounded like fun and suits me, as I'm a bit of a Joker.
It also resonates with the themes of the future.

This is because the Joker is the wild card in a deck of cards.
Once you have the Joker, you have opportunities.
You can play the wild card at any time to win the game.

That is why I called my company Balatro, because the future is like this.
The future is full of ideas and many seem ridiculous.
But some are serious, because they come true.

The future is like the turn of a card.
A card that could make or break your business.
But some of those cards are the wild cards, the Jokers.

Once you have a wild card you have opportunities.
Opportunities win good business.
Opportunities beat competitors.

So, Balatro is a Latin word meaning 'Jester', the Joker, the wild card.

That's me.

It's also what I do, as in I give you the wild cards to create opportunities.
And, ideally, we have a little fun in the process.

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